Ahhhh....new shoes! In this case, new "sneaks!" Don't they look great?

As a child, you got new shoes at the start of the new school year...or so that your feet looked as nice as the rest of you did for the holidays. Sometimes, your "tennies" or "Keds" just wore out, and off you went to the shoe department on a "regular" day.

They always look so nice as you take them out of the box.  And, they have that "new shoes smell" (a kid version of "new car smell").  Nice.  But, how long will they stay pristine? Not long. I remember once, in Triangle Elementary School, carefully (and proudly) walking to the bus stop wearing my new, white sneakers.  One kid, a "smart-ass" who was several years older, took notice. "Oh, wow...look...new shoes," he said, asking: "Can I touch 'em?' Naively, I said: "O.K..." At which point he bent down, and smeared my new sneakers with a carefully hidden clump of dirt. "They're not new anymore," he responded, with a hearty laugh.

That doesn't happen to me anymore, but "life" does get in the way. Lets face it, new (clean) sneakers are like a clean car. I'll enjoy the "newness" as long as I can...and it needs to be at least a few days, as I haven't paid for the shoes yet, thanks to "fantastic plastic."

While pondering your own version of my shoe-tale, enjoy one of "Jersey's Favorite Hits," from "Nu-Shooz," a husband and wife team (John Smith and Valerie Day) from Portland Oregon. "I Can't Wait" went to #3 in 1986.

And I'll catch you, tonight at 7, on New Jersey 101.5...playing the HITS, and wearing my "New Shoes." Sorry, no dirt clumps allowed.