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This Week in Music History
June 27th, 1967 - Mick Jagger is arrested for possession of drugs found in his jacket at a party hosted by Keith Richards. He was issued prison number 7856 and held overnight at Lewes Jail in England. While staying the night he requested books on Tibet and modern art, plus two packs of cigarettes.
Sambora explains Bon Jovi departure yet again
Am I the only one getting tired of Richie Sambora's constant explanations for his departure from Bon Jovi? Now he says it was that he had solo projects he wanted to work in and that he wasn't given that choice. According to Sambora, he was told he had two choices, tour with Bon Jovi or lea…
This Week in Music History
April 26th, 1980 - Blondie is at No.1 with 'Call Me'. It would be the band's biggest selling single to date and was used in the Richard Gere flick 'American Gigolo'. Originally, Stevie Nicks was asked to compose and perform a song for the movie, but when she backed out, the …

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