Archbishop John Myers

Should Archbishop Myers Keep His Retirement Home?
The layout of the place is something out of "Cribs!"
It makes “a’ mala figura!” to ask parishioners to support the Archbishop’s annual appeal only to have him be able to retire to a 5 thousand square ft. home in Hunterdon C…
Newark Archdiocese to Get 2nd Archbishop
A second archbishop is to be named in the Roman Catholic Church's archdiocese in Newark, where the archbishop is nearing retirement age and has been under fire for his handling of the case of a priest barred from unsupervised contact with minors, a Catholic publication reported Monday.
Organized Religion – Do You Still Practice? [POLL]
When scandals come to light, much like the latest one concerning the silence of Archbishop Myers of the Newark Archdiocese over the priest who groped a young boy some years ago; usually the response is, “I stopped going years ago!”
So, whether it’s scandal,…