5 of the Greatest Things Created in the 80s
There were many cool inventions that came out of the 80s. From pop culture to technology, music to toys. While my list of 5 may not have shaped the world, they are some awesome flashbacks that brought back a lot of memories.
80s Music Stars Then…And Now: Part 1 [PHOTOS/POLL]
They conquered the 1980s and beyond, but what are they doing and what do they look like present day? Take a look and don't forget to scroll down to take our poll and leave your comments! Here are your Saturday Night Jersey 80s Artists Then...and Now.
5 Retro 80s Board Games [LIST/PHOTOS]
It's time to go back to "the dark ages" when we didn't have 3,000 TV channels to choose from. This was a time when the only reality entertainment was sinking a battleship (insert explosion sound effect here) and performing a life saving operation...
5 Must Remember 80s TV Opening Themes
With "reality" dominating TV in 2012, gone is the art of the opening theme. The 80s were an awesome decade for credits. Whether it was the first few notes of a featured song or the unmistakable collage of characters, we instantly knew what we were watching...