There were many cool inventions that came out of the 80s. From pop culture to technology, music to toys. While my list of 5 may not have shaped the world, they are some awesome flashbacks that brought back a lot of memories.


Married With Children
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Married With Children


As soon as you heard Sinatra doing the opening theme, you knew you were going to laugh. What equals hilarious television? A miserable women's shoe salesman, his annoying lazy wife, dysfunctional son and dimwitted (and hot) daughter.

Peggy: No TV, Al, we're talking. 
Al: You're my wife. I will not talk to you while I have a TV.

Pogo Ball
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Pogo Ball


'You go, I go, pogo! You go, I go pogo ball!' The Pogo ball was hard to master and all about pure skill! Only the elite could master going down stairs or spinning and flipping. Remember ditching the straps and just holding onto the disc? Oh, and you've got to remember what color yours was. You know you can still snag a Pogo Ball? They call them "Aerobic Spring Balls now. Really?

Trapper Keeper
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Trapper Keeper

Ah...who can forget the echoing sound of separating velcro in school when your teacher asked for last night's homework? Trapper Keepers were a must-have item in class. We can say it was it was a revolutionary way to stay organized. In reality,we wanted one because everyone else had one. Plus, where else were we able to show off our favorite car, video game, cartoon or TV show?
Fraggle Rock
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Fraggle Rock

Jim Henson at his best. Fraggles are humanoid creatures, about 18 inches tall. They live in a network of caves called Fraggle Rock, populated by a variety of creatures, and seeming to connect to at least two different worlds in separate dimensions of time and space. Fraggles spend much of their carefree lives in play, exploring their worlds, and generally enjoying themselves. However, at the same time they maintain a complex culture and society, with each individual having rights and responsibilities. Fraggles live on a diet of vegetables, especially radishes. If individuals touch their heads together before falling asleep they can “share dreams.” Every kid watched this show and every adult watched this show stoned out of their minds. Either way, Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red, we salute you.
Reebok Pumps
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Reebok Pump

The Reebok Pump wrapped up the decade with its release in 1989. They were the first line of athletic shoes to have internal inflation. "The pump" regulated two fitting settings: the lower tongue; and also in the upper to provide locking around the ankle. These shoes were a status symbol and very expensive at the time. The price and our parents wrath were the only things that kept us from pumping the shoe until it exploded. C'mon, we all wanted to try that. Remember The Pump's competitors? The LA Gear Regulators and the Nike Air Pressure.