Sunday, as both the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks touched down in New Jersey for Super Bowl 48, they were welcomed into NJ with open arms. After the teams play on Super Sunday, NJ will have their hands in the players' pockets as they leave.

Elsa/Getty Images

Every member of each Super Bowlteam will be paying what is termed as a "jock tax," essentially a huge commuter tax for working in New Jersey.

The winning Super Bowl team's players will get an extra $92,000 and the losing team's players will receive $46,000. Players like Peyton Manning, who has the highest salaries of the all players in the Super Bowl, will get taxed the highest as well. After calculating his days spent in New Jersey, both for the Super Bowl and with a matchup with the Jets next season, would cost Manning an estimated $57,000.

While NJ is known for its high taxes, they are not alone in taxing incoming athletes. California, New York, Pennsylvania and others, all tax incoming players, some even charge tax for the specific city they play in such as Detroit and Philadelphia.

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