Tonight the NCAA Men’s basketball championship will be decided between Kentucky and Kansas. If John Calipari’s Wildcats win, it will be because of two freshmen, Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd Gilchrist, who will leave the team after the game in search of lucrative NBA careers. It will also bring up the age old one and done argument.

NCAA President Mark Emmit cries about how it’s up to the NBA to keep these players out of their league. Better they should stay in school and make more money for the NCAA. These players bring in tons of money for the school in their brief time there. Unfortunately, they get to share in none of it. In fact, they can’t even get jobs while there.

All they get is a college education which they may or probably will not use. A college education they must study for and make the grade while memorizing the playbook and performing on the court. If you want to keep these athletes around longer, then cut them in for a piece of the action.



Most of these players will not go on to NBA careers. Their college years may be all the glory they get. Along with that glory, should come some compensation. If the player is good enough to have his replica jersey or number merchandised by the school, then that player should participate in the profits thereof. At least let the player make appearances and signings so that he/she can also profit from their time at the school. It may make them want to stay longer, which will benefit the school as well.

It’s just not fair these college coaches make their reputations on the backs of these players, when the seasons over, the coach goes back to his mansion while the player goes back to the neighborhood with nothing. They do get the education which cost the college nothing but a seat in the classroom and it comes with no guarantees.

As for who gets paid, you treat the college like the business that it is, the player that brings in the most money to the school profits the most. As for how much do you pay the player? Whatever it is, it’s more than they’re making now. What do you think?