By Bill Doyle

Mercifully, we have probably seen the last of Anthony Weiner. He did not get enough votes in the primary for mayor of New York, a race he one time lead. It's hard to imagine his political career being resuscitated after becoming an even bigger joke than when he had to leave Congress. As I'm sure you know, there were more and newer sexting episodes that were revealed during the campaign and then corroborated by Sydney Leathers and other women, including a porn star and a cheerleading coach. All alleged they had received sexually explicit texts and pictures from Weiner, who used the fake name of "Carlos Danger" to hide his identity.

Back to Tuesday's primary; his wife Huma, who once worked for Hilary Clinton, was nowhere to be seen. Leaving alone and defeated, did Anthony give a big salute like Nixon after resigning or a wave like Reagan used to do? No, the last and enduring image we will have of Anthony Weiner is him in the back seat of car looking petulant as he drives away and flipping the bird at reporters. They're not the reason you lost, Anthony.