Since the turn of the millennium, the Boss has not had an album hit below #3 on the Billboard charts, a feat that is very impressive for anyone. The general assumption today is that once the charts are released tomorrow for the most recent week in album sales, Bruce will be, once again, in the top 3. The circumstances are a bit different now, however. He may not reach number 1 right away. English star, Adele is gunning for her 24th straight week at number 1! That is something that has not been done since the 80s.

You also have to factor in something else. Even though some time has passed since her death, Whitney Houston's collection of albums are still flooding the Billboard charts, all of which are being re-entered after her album sales skyrocketed following her death. There's also an appearance by The Monkees on the chart following Davy Jones' death. It's not surprising to see album sales go up after the passing of a fan favorite, but it could play an interesting role in the updated charts.

Whitney is currently holding down numbers 2, 5, 10 and 13 in the top 20 while The Monkees' Greatest Hits collection came in at number 20. Does this mean Bruce is going to get snubbed out of one of the top three spots upon his first week on the charts? Bruce already took the number 1 spot in Adele's home country of the United Kingdom. Will the momentum continue? Check back tomorrow for the update.