When I was growing up in Union City, we used to play basketball at 17th street park or Gilmore High School until we got chased from the playground. Now the same thing is happening in Springfield only difference is that these kids are not even getting a chance to play. 

It seems the town’s people have such a problem with people coming to play basketball at their little pocket parks that they are taking down many of the hoops. These people want peace and quiet and they won’t get it if these rowdy kids are playing basketball outside their house.


The players are upset by the removal. They feel it’s a knee jerk reaction and possibly racist and they want them returned. There is a council meeting tonight at municipal building where hopefully they should be able to work this out. Perhaps it be better if they just talked it out among themselves at the park.


Both sides have a case and they should be able to come to some kind of an agreement. Since the players are local and either they or their parents pay taxes to have the parks, they should be allowed to play. They also need to understand that that have to respect the neighborhood and if they get too rowdy the police come and prohibit you from playing there again.


If the homeowners and players got to know each other, it would be better for everyone. One example that comes to mind is neighborhood security. People are less likely to rob you if there are 2 teams of witnesses nearby. As for the littering and profanity, that’s on the players to take care of.  What do you think?