Bill has spent so much time discussing what a bad deal ballot question #2, but how should NJ voters cast their ballots for question #1?

Bill has said on the show that he is a firm "no" on ballot question #1. The reasoning is twofold:

To put casinos under the same model under AC and just move them to a northern part of the state will cause too many problems. It could possibly cause a funding issue and taxpayers will be on the hook once again for potential bonding and tax breaks. Use the Revel as a prime example as to why a new casino won't work, even if it is in the northern part of the state,

Secondly, Atlantic City is trying to pull itself out of debt. the town cannot afford competition in its own state. There are thousands out of work right now because casinos are closing in AC. Opening new casinos in north Jersey will not help.

If the state really wants to increase revenue off gaming, update the gaming rules and let smaller businesses partake in the action.

The current gaming landscape in NJ is a failed model and building new casinos in New Jersey will be a bad deal for NJ taxpayers. Make sure you vote no on question #1.

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