If you're looking for a new way to get the blood pumping and catch some air time Six Flags is offering some throw back thrills with it's SkyScreamer Ride.

The ride is a magnified version of the swing rides often seen at carnivals and smaller amusement parks.

"It is definitely the next level of swing ride." Says Kristin Siebeneicher, spokesperson for Six Flags, "instead of two or three stories we're going to take you 24 stories 242 feet, we're going to swing you in a 98 foot circle up to 40 miles per hour."

The swing ride is located in new part of the park called Adventure Alley which harkens to a more family friendly carnival style atmosphere with attractions that appeal to non-adrenaline junkies.

"[After doing research] we thought we would hear 'we want the biggest baddest new roller coaster, but teens and adults actually both told us they want rides they as a family could ride together."

Within Adventure Alley SkyScreamer is joined by a flying elephant ride, music-themed scrambler, and bumper car that all sit around a giant.

With down turned economy forcing many families to stay local instead of going to Florida for family attractions, Siebeneicher says catering to everyone is now more important than ever.

"We want to have something for everyone, it sounds cliché but that's what we want to do, have something for everybody, and in this area families can stay physically together."

She said the ride took about a year to plan, and construction began in January.

The ride opened to season pass holders Thursday 17th and will be open to all park attendees May 23rd.