The continuing saga of Bridgegate took an interesting turn on Wednesday. Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobsen found no basis to force Bridget Anne Kelly, Governor Chris Christie's former deputy chief of staff, and Bill Stepien, his two-time campaign manager, to comply with the state’s subpoenas.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

The 98 page ruling, which has took about a month so far, puts the ball squarely in the court of the legislative committee. The committee could appeal the judges decision, go through the testimony and documentation that they already have, or they could simply give up. As Governor Christie has said to our own Kevin McArdle at a press conference, We may never know what really happened.” The Governor may have had the best chance to find out had he questioned Kelly and Stepien in an exit interview, but he elected not to.

The question we are facing now, is can we really get to the truth without this key testimony? How much are you willing to pay to learn the truth, when there is no guarantee that the truth will ever come out.  We’re already paying for the internal revue, and the cost of the legislative investigation so far. Our other debts don’t go away while this continues - everything just piles up.

What do you think we should do?