Alice Cooper sang "I'm 18 and I don't know what I want" but in New Jersey it's more like "I'm 18 and I know what the state will let me have." Being an 18 year-old in New Jersey is more like Adam Ant "don't drink, don't smoke," but now Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll wants to change all that by seeking to lower the drinking age to 18.

Personally, I'm in total agreement with Assemblyman Carroll. You're either an adult at 18, with all the rights privileges that come with that, or you're not. The listeners came in divided but leaning more toward agreeing with me.

One caller talked about serving his country in Afghanistan but not being allowed to buy a drink in a bar when he returned. I offered to buy him one just for being in the military. Rose from Manahawkin brought up the possibility of 18 year-olds going crazy drinking. She backed this with a personal experience: when she turned 21, she drank a bottle of Jack Daniels per day. Ashley, who's a bartender from Beachwood, pointed out that when people turn 21 they drink heavy for about a week, then calm down. She thinks people may as well get their party week over with at 18.

We also had Chris talking about how he grew up in Europe where kids drink wine without it being a big deal. He pointed out that forbidden fruit is always more tempting than something that is readily available. Brian, who's 18, brought up the possibility of making only beer and wine available at 18. I disagree with that idea. Again, you're either a full fledged adult at 18 or not. Let's keep the conversation going,

How do you feel about lowering the drinking age to 18?

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