When Governor Christie suspended the Blue Laws in Bergen County there was an uproar from people up there who wanted them back. When I brought up the topic last week on New Jersey 101.5, I was surprised at the overwhelming response of callers who said they not only liked them, but wanted them where they lived.

Chris Franz/Getty Images


Some cited the need for a day of peace and quiet, some wanted to get back to family values, others took pity on the poor employees who are taken away from their families and forced to work on the day of rest.


Now, for the first time,  what used to be “Black Friday” will begin in most stores on Thursday night at 9pm. Black Friday used to be a day where you got into a store as early as 4 O Clock in the morning to fight for stuff you wouldn’t think of buying if you were wide awake.


Now families will be scheduling Thanksgiving early so that they can get home from grandmas early enough to get to the store. Other families will cut the day they give thanks short so that they can get to work to take care of these lunatics.


What’s the point off having a “Thanksgiving Day” to give thanks with your loved ones only to have it ripped away so that you can get a head start on your holiday shopping? Are we that desperate to save a few dollars on a I pad?  I’m sure this is exactly what the pilgrims had in mind when they thought Thanksgiving up. Then again, who would have thought when they came up with Presidents day, that we would honor them with a saving of up to 50 per cent on mattresses, clothes and electronics.

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