This story is from Chicago, where shoplifters plundered a store with abandon, at least partially because the store’s policy limits physical contact with customers. Authorities believe as many as 16 people came into the store to steal in a coordinated attack and left with $5000 worth of merchandise and you have to think they knew of the store’s policy on confronting shoplifters when they picked the store. What’s wrong with trying to physically detain a criminal until the police arrive?

I have heard that most retail stores discourage actively chasing the shoplifter as to avoid creating a potential hazard for other shoppers, but blocking them from leaving seems like the practical thing to do. Otherwise, like the store in Chicago, thieves will come to rob you blind. Is the store so afraid of a lawsuit that they would rather eat the loss? I have a feeling more people will be shoplifting at the K&G Fashion Superstore once this story gets around.