She has been the home of some of our greatest memories and she has been devastated like so many of us by Sandy. She has also made a lot of people a lot of money with her presence in song lyrics, movies and of course television. She has also taken relative unknowns and made them stars and now it’s time for those who have benefited to pay her forward.

Aerial view of damage in Seaside Heights following Sandy (Tim Larsen, Governor's Office)

I’m talking about our beloved Seaside Heights and the 13 million dollar beating she took at the hands of hurricane or super storm or whatever you want to call her (and much of that would be unprintable here;) Sandy. .

When I first heard of the cost of the damage I thought about the golden opportunity it would be for a company like MTV who made so much money on “Jersey Shore” or any of the brands who make so much money selling their summer products to make those repairs for naming rights. It would not only save New Jersey the cost of repairs but brand the business at one of the most popular resorts in the world.

With all the negative press “Jersey Shore has taken in New Jersey, this could make them heroes. From a business stand point, How long would it take them to make the money back? Also think of all the positive press not to mention tax write off.

Please realize that by writing this, I’m not saying New Jersey should ask for a handout from any of these people, instead, this is a great opportunity for someone to get their name on the Seaside Boardwalk. Just as long as that name isn’t Snooki.

What do you think? Should Seaside Heights sell the naming rights to get the boardwalk repaired? Leave your comments below.