Eric Scott is filling in for Jim Gearhart this morning and is discussing bullying.     NJ has gone to great lengths to prevent bullying but is it enough? Should parents be held accountable for bullying by their kids? The problem with NJ bullying laws is that they are very ambiguous and left open for interpretation.

One Wisconsin town now wants to drag parents to court and fine them for their children's bullying tactics. The town of Monona is looking to fine parents $114 for the first offense and then can go up to $177 for repeat offenses.

You may remember, not too long ago a father and his son caught on tape, mocking a girl who had cerebral palsy as she got off the school bus. This is further proof that bullying starts at home with how the child is raised. You can watch the footage of that below.


Do you think it is time NJ adopted a policy to hold the parents accountable if and when their kids bully someone? Take our poll and let us know your thoughts.