Political campaigns are some of the biggest popularity contests out there, and Democrats in New Jersey aren't about to lose any votes. 

(Photo: Craig Allen)

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, Senate President Steve Sweeney and other Democratic lawmakers are calling for reform of New Jersey's voting system in a new bill that would automatically register people to vote when they apply for a driver's license.

While increasing voter registration is a good idea because it allows more people to participate in political decision making, one has to consider that Democrats also support the legalization of millions of illegal aliens, as well as giving those aliens driver's licenses while they're unlawfully in our country. So it seems as if there are hidden motives beneath this cry for reform, because Democrats will expand their voter base in the process.

Of course, as one caller pointed out, many registered voters don't turn out on election day. In fact, an Associated Press analysis of June’s primary showed only 5.1 percent of eligible voters participated, which marks the lowest level since 1925 and indicates the Democrat's bill may not even work if passed.

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