For a state that’s overrun with deer, you’d think we’d allow for the commercial hunting of deer.

Not so.

In fact, according to one New Jersey lawmaker, chances are that if you order a dish made with deer meat in a restaurant, there’s the likelihood that meat will have been imported from New Zealand.

Weird, but true.

Why wouldn’t we, under strict guidelines, allow for deer to be hunted for profit – given the vast numbers that have overrun the state?

True, the meat from many of the deer hunted in the recent culling of the herds has been donated to food kitchens and the like – but it seems like a vast resource is going to waste by not allowing deer hunting for commercial purposes.

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Realize this is just the beginning of the discussion, but a discussion that needs to be had.

Many will say that the reason the state is overrun by deer is due to the overdevelopment of once plentiful open space where deer and other assorted wildlife were allowed to roam.

True, but there’s no turning back the clock – and the more deer that continue to overrun the state, the more property damage claims will be filed – not to mention personal injury claims when deer and cars collide. And we know how often that happens here.

Again, if done under strict guidelines, I can’t see how the commercial hunting of deer in New Jersey is a bad idea.

Would you be in favor of the commercial hunting of deer in New Jersey?