As a football fan, there are two things about the NFL schedule that I cannot stand, first the bye week, then the Thursday night games. But I think I have a way to make both more palatable.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

What if they were to give teams their bye week before their Thursday night game?

I could think of three great reasons why it would be a great idea. First, it would give the teams more time to heal from the previous weeks injuries which would have more quality players on the field. Secondly, it would also give them more time to prepare which would make for a better game. Third, it would also shorten the wait for fans who have to suffer through fourteen days without seeing their team play.

Could they make it happen? Why not, they make the schedule, they could at least get close to making it happen. For a league that’s so concerned about the health and safety of it’s players, this could go a long way to not only preserving that but making for a better product as well. Thoughts?

Do you think NFL teams should have their bye week before their Thursday night game?