Only in America would we bend over backwards to accommodate people who are here illegally. Jersey City state officials are pressing the state Legislature to pass two measures that would allow children of illegal immigrants to qualify for in-state tuition rates and access to financial aid if they attend public colleges and universities.

Scott Olson/Getty Images


Well of course they are, they need the vote of the friends and relatives of the illegal immigrants to remain in office. So what do we, who have to foot this bill both with our tax money and lost classroom seats get out of this deal?


Councilman at large Roland Lavarro says "all they want is an opportunity to continue their education and give back to the state of New Jersey.” There are no guarantees of that anywhere that I can see. But there is one way to get these undocumented people the education they say they deserve and give something back to the only country they know and love. Work out a deal for students to join the military.


If an undocumented student is willing to serve his or her adopted country then they would be entitled to the same benefits of those who served, such as a college education, loans, military benefits and an appreciation of what it means to be an American unlike any they ever had to that point. There are so many jobs that you can learn and there’s also the possibility of making the military a career. It’s not easy to get into the military and if they’re able to do it then that truly shows how much this country means to these students.

Who could argue with someone who so wants to be a citizen that they are willing to die for their country? Remember not all jobs are life threatening.


If we make education too easy for the children of immigrants, then future people will want to sneak in if for no other reason than their children would be taken care of. Right now, we can’t afford to be taking care of anybody and if we are, then we need to get something back in return. What do you think?  Leave your comments in the section below.