Federal transportation officials are recommending that acceptable blood alcohol levels for drivers be lowered from .08 to .05.

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Not everybody is thrilled with the suggestion.

"Our industry is very much in favor of responsible drinking, but when you start lowering the blood alcohol content as low as 0.05, that could mean that someone going out to dinner early on in the dinner- having one glass of wine could now be over the legal limit. And that would have a tremendous, tremendous impact on restaurants," says Mari Lou Halvorsen, the President of the New Jersey Restaurant Association.

She points out this would mean one glass of wine would put you over the legal limit, which could mean people will just decide it's probably better to stay home rather than go out at all.

"Every time there's a new regulation or new mandate," she says, "each one of those has a great effect on an industry that has the slimmest of profit margins."

"When we're trying to rebuild this industry - the hospitality industry, it's becoming more and more challenging for a restaurant to operate in the state. I think that's something that needs to be looked at…it's concerning."