According to NBC Philadelphia, a pair of fishermen spotted and videotaped a great white shark circling their boat off the coast of Atlantic City on Sunday.

One fisherman fisherman told NBC that the shark was half the length of his 28-foot boat and circled for 10 minutes before swimming away. He and his friend had left from Little Egg Harbor that afternoon in search of much less.

Here's a dramatic video of the encounter:

Photo by Tom Ronston Jr.

This is just days after an eight-foot, four-inch, 303-pound Mako shark leapt into the boat in the waters of Manasquan.

Tom Rostron Jr., 33, of Wall, and friend Clint Simek, of Brielle saw a fin cutting through the red water behind their boat.

Ronston pulled the bait to the boat quickly, making it skip near the surface of the water and the shark bit down on it.

It dove below the surface and then skyrocketed 15 feet into the air, turning a flip before crashing down again.

Then several more bursts into the air, each jump 20 feet closer to the boat.

The shark then swam under the boat, and with its fifth jump, landed in the open bow.

Mako's are known as the fastest sharks in the water and are known for their jumping ability.

Photo by Tom Ronston Jr.

Most sharks take more than an hour to land, and by then some of their energy has been sapped. This one took 25 seconds.

Please be wary of Internet and Facebook hoaxes going around about so-called "shark warnings." They are bogus.