My wife and I have a washer and dryer and have for years, but in my youth I certainly spent enough time at laundromats. I never felt fully comfortable in a laundromat; I didn't feel scared per se, but you never knew who was going to walk in the door next. Plus, there's the problem of how possessive patrons get over a particular washer or dryer.

What most laundromat goers fear has actually happened: a 75 year old man was shoved and stomped by a man who felt he had dibs on a certain dryer, according to The Smoking Gun. The 75 year old was attempting to put his clothes in a dryer when the assailant told him that dryer was "his" dryer. Words were exchanged which included the 75 year old calling the other man an "idiot". The site says the old man got pushed down to the floor twice and had his cell phone smashed before the assailant left. Using surveillance footage, police made an arrest this week.