Senator Ray Lesniak, the man who was labeled as one of the best dressed NJ politicians, joined me on air this morning to discuss the ongoing battle to bring sports betting to New Jersey.

I see that there is some light of day to the possibility of it actually becoming a reality here in the Garden State. Senator Lesniak gave us this update "On February 19th, we'll be back at the 3rd Circuit to make our appeal again. But this time the 3rd Circuit appears to be leaning in our favor."

If NJ prevails in that appeal, it will mean plenty of positives for the average New Jerseayns. "For Atlantic City and Monmouth Racetrack it's a big boost," says Lesniak. "Sports betting will attract folks who will stay for long weekend, Super Bowl weekends, any big event. Not only will they stay, they'll dine, they'll rent rooms, they'll have parties. That's the attraction of sports betting. People like to be where the action is."

To listen to the entire interview, click the YouTube clip above.

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