This morning on the show I discussed a report that says NJ residents would be ok with a gas tax to help raise money for the depleted transportation fund IF and only if, the money raised is only used to fund road repairs.

I decided to rant on this report and I believe NJ residents shouldn't contribute any more money, in the form of a gas tax or otherwise. Why? Because we know how NJ politicians handle money and how long before we find out that money raised through a gas tax, is being used for some other need in the state?

Listen to my rant about it below.

Despite the report, through calls, Tweets and Facebook comments, it seems as if NJ residents do not think our giving NJ more of our money is a good thing. Check out some of the comments and calls we received below.

Caller Jeff from Forked River explains why NJ shouldn't put out more money for a gas tax and explains where all the money goes.

JaimeLynn left this comment on Facebook as to why we should avoid the gas tax:

"I certainly would not pay more at the pump to pay for our failing roads. We HAVE a fund in place for road repair that our wonderful government RAIDED to pay for God knows what. SOLVE the problem don't stick another band aid on a bleeding artery."

Jimclassic, one of the few that were in favor of the gas tax, Tweeted us that a minor inconvenience is ok as long s it's going to fix the roads.


Twitter user Payne410 uses the toll roads as an example as to why we shouldn't have a gas tax:

A caller named Hank explains to Bill why it is so expensive and what the staggering costs are for road repairs.

Bill Hipple made this point on Facebook as to why we shouldn't add a gas tax:

"No because someone will always find a reason to steal the money from the appropriated fund site for another "more important" reason. There are already road taxes, tolls, and federal government monies earmarked for infrastructure work that have been stolen, misappropriated and/or wasted. That's why the fund is almost bankrupt now!"

What's your thoughts? Should NJ add a gas tax to help the Transportation Fund? Add your comments below.

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