A New Jersey State Marine Police boat did double duty today by locating the body of  18 year old swimmer, Bestavros Faris of Bayonne a day after he went missing off Seaside Park.

Faris’s body  was discovered just off the O Street beach where he disappeared using the same sonar unit that they used this morning to find a missing swimmer near Asbury Park, believed to be 23-year-old Chazmin Miles of Irvington.  It took them less than 45 minutes from the time they arrived.


Heavy rip currents led to an unusual spike in the amount of distress calls on Wednesday in Seaside Park, as they received between 8 and 10 calls before Faris went missing.  This was a trend up and down the shore.

The incident in Seaside Park prompted officials to shut down swimming for the remainder of Wednesday.  Guards were not on duty Wednesday.  They begin their full-time season starting today.

Stacy Proebstle reports that Faris was among four boys, who were caught in the current.  The other 3 were able to make it out between the help of an off-duty guard, who was at the beach, and being able to swim out of it.  The three boys are pictured below.


Videos by Stacy Proebstle

Stacy Proebstle, Ilya Hemlin, Tom Mongelli & Dan Alexander contributed to this report