So convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky was on the Today show on Monday morning. Do you care? I personally don’t care what he had to say, what new revelations he could have offered or what new light he could have shed on matters after being convicted on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse?

Jerry Sandusky (C) leaves the Centre County Courthouse after being sentenced (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The bigger question is why is NBC putting this man on television? Doesn’t it bother you that he gets his few minutes of fame as a result of child molestation? That’s the only reason anyone puts him on television. People watch as they would if they were driving by an accident.

The man who shot John Lennon has been interviewed numerous times by such broadcasters as Barbara Walters and Larry King.  In fact CNN did a special with him recounting that horrible night. How dare these people use these crimes to gain television time?

Just like you lose your freedom when you’re put in jail, you should also lose your freedom of the press. Even if the press seeks you out.

There are laws that prohibit criminals from profiting from their crimes. There should be laws that prohibit convicted murderers and child molesters from appearing on television. Or else NBC could do a whole series on these scumbags and call it “The Biggest Losers”

Perhaps that will get the network out of last place.  What do you think?

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