el rey del tren

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3) Do you feel it pays to go to college, and has your college education paid off for you? How much debt are you carrying? Rising tuition, tumbling state aid making college less affordable to more students.

5) What was the most cringe worthy injury you’d ever gotten? And do you feel CBS not showing replays of Kevin Ware’s injury during the Louisville/Duke game was commendable?

6) Does the Nike ad featuring Tiger Woods saying ‘Winning takes care of everything’ send the wrong message?

8) Would you say the hottest TV show on now is “Game of Thrones”…and if not, which do you think is? It inspired one guy to make a map based on the show showing Jersey locations?

9) Do you feel wrestling is a trashy sport? WrestleMania 29 at MetLife Stadium is expected to rope in more than $100M!

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