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1) Is the Governor calling out dune opponents “BS” refreshing or is he just acting as the stereotypical “Jersey Guy?”

2) Edison H.S. Explosives Suspect Released by Police – Should He Still be Held? [POLL]

3) Do you support a bill that would ban the box on a job application asking if you have a criminal record?

4) Do bullying cases belong in court? The Anti-bullying law is out of control sending kids to court for calling each other names. Should the law be done away with?

5) How young is too young to own a gun? A 5-year-old shoots his 2-year-old sister in Ky. with his gun and kills her.

6) If you saw 60 Minutes the other night, you saw the face of pure evil in Charles Cullen, the angel of death, who confessed to the deaths of 40 patients in hospitals across NJ and Pa. Should he be serving his time in protective custody?

7) How much is your cable nut each month? And which are the channels you can do without?

8) How much is your monthly car insurance nut? Rates here, which are already the highest in the nation, are on the rise.

9) What have you found in your food? One woman found a frog in can of green beans!

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