An Edison High School student, described as loner, had been arrested Sunday for allegedly building explosive devices that have been thought to be meant to be detonated at the high school.

The suspect has since been released by police, worrying many parents who feel the 16 year old should remain in custody.

Right now police are saying that since he’s being charged with a third degree crime – that of possessing prohibited devices – and that there’s no evidence he planned on using the explosives, they have no recourse but to let him go.

I have to wonder.

While this may not be the best legal leg to stand on, I ask, "what good is possessing the explosives you don’t plan on using them at some point?"

And as the police chief below is quoted as saying: if it were up to him, the suspect would still be in custody.

As police continue to interrogate and monitor a 16-year-old Edison High School student who was arrested Sunday for allegedly building several explosive devices that were rigged to detonate, news that he has been released from police custody has sparked concern among parents and students.

Police Chief Thomas Bryan said if it "was up to him" he would have asked to keep the student incarcerated. However, he said today, investigators have not developed any evidence the boy had planned to detonate the devices or that he was a threat to anyone.

The devices were powerful enough to kill someone, according to Bryan, who said juveniles can only be incarcerated for a first or second-degree crime in New Jersey. The teen is charged with a third-degree crime — possession of prohibited devices. He has also been suspended from school indefinitely, officials said.

"I know there’s a lot of criticism out there about why isn’t he incaracerated," Bryan said. "But we don’t have any additional evidence."

Police found fuses attached to the explosives, described as carbon dioxide cartridges packed with gunpowder, in the teen’s bedroom Sunday night. Police searched the boy’s house after receiving a tip that he may have been responsible for a series of bomb threats over the past two weeks at Edison High School.

The teen was interviewed by police again today and police are monitoring his activities, though Bryan would not offer specifics.

Bryan’s explanation of why the teen was released did little to calm the nerves of parents who are already rattled by a series of bomb threats that forced the evacuation of Edison High School three times since April 15. Many believed the 16-year-old was the one calling in the threats, but but Bryan said that does not appear to be the case.

"Where do we go from here? What are the safety measures and how are they going to step up?" said Debbie Nittolo, a parent of an Edison High School student. "Every parent is a nervous wreck. Things needs to be changed here. They need to step up with the security."

Were I one of the parents, I too would want the teen held.

But right now, barring any new information about the kid’s intentions, police have little recourse but to let the kid go.

Doesn’t do much to calm the nerves, does it?

Do you feel the 16 year old Edison High School student found with explosives in his possession should remain in police custody?