Political Reporter Ronica Cleary joined me this morning live from Washington D.C. to discuss the results from the Iowa Caucuses last night.

Ronica has followed Governor Christie over the years and I opened up the discussion by asking her about Christie's 10th place finish last night.

"What constantly replays in my mind when I see the performance of Christie last night and as also like you said, all of the governors, one of the things Christie used to say on the stump was that 'the next president will be a governor' or 'the next Republican nominee will be a governor.'  That was sort of his go-to thing. And I always was really thought without saying it, was referring to himself or Jeb. And look at how this race has just transformed and defied expectations."

As far as the GOP winner Ted Cruz, Cleary says that he is trying to set himself apart from the establishment. "In Cruz's speech in very similar style (to Bernie Sanders) my average donation is $67. And really trying to position himself as a man of the people and not a man of these millionaire donors, whether or not that's true. You could step back and say well he is part of the establishment but I don't think the establishment embraces him as one of their own. And I don't think he's presenting himself as the establishment."

Cleary also provides some insightful projections and expectations for New Hampshire Caucus as well. Listen to the entire interview in the YouTube clip above.

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