As if it wasn't good enough that the Rolling Stones announced they'll be performing at the Prudential Center in Newark this December, the historic rock band has released a brand new song from their upcoming album due out on November 12th.

The album is called "GRRR!", and it will be a multi-disk release consisting of many Rolling Stones classics and two brand new songs. The first single is called Doom and Gloom and you can listen to it below.

I had relatively low expectations before pressing play on this lyrics video. A lot of new material the Rolling Stones have released in recent years has been a letdown. Sure, they're getting older and can't possibly recreate the days where they were spitting out classics like "Beast of Burden" and "Sympathy For the Devil", but some of their newer music sounds like they were trying really hard to reinvent the wheel.

This song, however, is a fine exception. "Doom and Gloom" sounds like a throwback to the good ole' days. I checked three of four times to see if this was an album outtake from the early 70s but it was recorded in August of this year! I love it, but more importantly, what do you think of it? Take our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.