A South Jersey intersection had its’ lights knocked out by a rodent, according to a report by NBC Philadelphia. The light is in Voorhees Township at the intersection of Haddonfield-Berlin Road, E. Evesham Road, and Somerdale Road.

Authorities believe some sort of rodent chewed through the wires, cutting the power to the light. I would think that was funny if I hadn’t had a similar problem a few years ago. I still had a landline at the time, but it stopped working. The phone company sent out a technician who followed the line to a box on the side of my house.

When he opened the box, one mouse ran out and several others looked out at him; the mice had built a nest inside the box and chewed through every wire in there. While having mice in your phone box is preferable to having mice in your house (although it turned out I had both), I really would have preferred to not have mice in my life at all.