I've been going through my personal 1970s music library lately, and with Valentine's Day coming up, this song caught my eye, or rather, my ear!

There are tons of "love songs" out there...but this one dares to examine the ever-changing meaning of the word, as lovers progress from innocent childhood to their golden years.  "As The Years Go By," was written by Mashmakhan member Pierre Senecal.  It was included on the band's debut album ("Mashmakhan") in 1970, and the radio edit sold 100,000 copies in the band's native Canada, 400-thousand single copies in the United States, and 400,000 copies in Japan! Interestingly, "As The Years Go By" was recorded at the last minute!  This "novelty" song, which was expected to go nowhere, became Mashmakhan's first (and only) American chart hit, landing at #31. 

Formed in Montreal Canada in 1960, the band signed to Columbia Records in 1965 as "The Triangles."  In an effort of appeal to a younger audience, they changed their name to Mashmakhan, after a form of hashish sold in Montreal.  After releasing a follow-up album in 1971, with little success, Mashmakhan split up.

Click the "video" below, and check out "As The Years Go By," a song that takes an immediate post-Woodstock look at love, from "north of the border."  While they sang the song as a "joke," I think Mashmakhan pretty-much gets to the heart of the issue.  What do you think? 

Its my pleasure to introduce you to this song...or re-introduce you to it...and to play "Jersey's Favorite Hits" every weekend on New Jersey 101.5!

Happy (early) Valentine's Day!