Here’s tonight’s lineup for you to ponder:

In the case of Jahmell Crockham, who’s accused of shooting Lakewood police Christopher Matloz…one couple testified that they saw Crockam shoot Matloz to death…but do you feel that the testimony of one of the witnesses could jeopardize the state’s case?

In other stuff: Do you feel that charges should be filed against a former HS wrestler who stopped a robber from stealing his phone, getting him in a headlock and killing him? While no charges are pending against the former wrestler, one never knows!

An assembly panel already approved the bill raising the minimum school dropout age to 18 here in New Jersey…following the lead the President suggested in the State of the Union address.

Do you feel this law is worthwhile.. …and if you dropped out of school….would a law like this have helped you?

Some N.J. school districts are looking to add a new new holiday, the Hindu new year Diwali, aside from everything else. Do you feel we need a new holiday…or just give those kids who want to take off an excused absence and keep the schools open?

A couple of lawsuits for your consideration too.

If you were this disabled woman…would you be suing the owner of a bagel shop owned by a reputed member of the mob of violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act?

The shop is owned by a guy who’s “away” at the present time.

And the infamous “ass explosion” lawsuit! Who’s the bigger douche…the kid firing a bottle rocket out of his ass and having it explode in his rectum…or the kid who files a lawsuit against the fraternity and the bottle rocket launcher after he falls off a porch after being startled by the explosion? You be the judge.

And finally:

How much crap do you get for being a Giants fans in ‘Eagles Country’…and did you rub the Superbowl win in their faces?