A Jersey City school principal is hearing criticism from parents who are unhappy with comments he posted on facebook referencing the 1993 Michael Douglas movie “Falling Down.” 

Under a photo of Douglas holding a rifle, comments attributed to Donald Howard Jr read, "This is how my work mode is about to flip." A separate comment read that some "would be wise" to steer clear of him.

The comments were shocking, inappropriate and wrong, parents told The Jersey Journal today as they met up with their kids at dismissal time. But one parent, Bernadette Williams, said she doesn’t see what all the fuss is about “He’s a nice guy. He’s down to Earth,” said Williams, who was picking up her 7-year-old daughter after school. “He jokes around a lot.”

Louse Bailey, whose 6-year-old grandson attends first grade at School 34, says  “I’m not happy with him,”  “He’s allowed to joke, but we have to worry about people coming into the school, strangers … we have to now worry about principals and teachers in the school? Not good.”

If you’re a school principal, you’ve got to know that even if you’re joking and meant no harm, some people are going to take what you write anywhere very literally.

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