If you're an Apple fan you know the company keeps details about new products under lock and key.

The iPhone 5. What will the next iPhone look like?
Getty Images News / Justin Sullivan

I've been checking around several tech web sites for information about the upcoming new iPhone.

As you may know, Apple is always tight lipped about their new products prior to rollout. But here is some information that has leaked out:

  • The new iPhone is expected to be available Sept. 9
  • Tech trade people say the new phone will be called the "iPhone Air".
  • Apple may introduce two versions of the device. One will have the standard 4.7 in screen. There will be a more expensive phone with a screen size of 5.5 inches that will cost about a hundred dollars more than the small screen.
  • The more expensive iPhone Air may have a storage capacity of up to 128GB.  Smaller versions are expected to come in 32 and 64GB capacities.

The updated phone will also look a bit different from the older versions. The new model is expected to have a design that is more rounded around the edges. The tech sites expect the new iPhone will be slimmer than the iPhone 5S.  As a result, less weight than previous Apple phones.

A tech reporter who claims he saw a leaked photo of the phone said the updated product has a sleek, glossy finish. And, there are rumors that the screen will be made of sapphire crystal.  That would make the phone more resistant to scratches.

Would I "bet the farm" that the information from the tech rumor mill is completely accurate?  Heck no.

We'll find out Sept. 9  Assuming that date is accurate.