Jade Starling, best known as the vocalizing half and award-winning songwriter of the platinum-selling duo Pretty Poison, will be joining me in studio tonight for 'Jersey’s Opening Lines.'

The Camden native is currently enjoying a career resurgence as a Billboard-charting solo artist. She's been named Official Celebrity Spokesperson for the national cancer awareness campaign 'HAVE A CATCH FOR BARB.'

In addition to generously offering her time and image, Starling also is donating the use of "Catch Me (I'm Falling)," Pretty Poison's #1 hit dance pop classic, as the official song of the campaign, which raises awareness and money for families battling cancer, brings those families together, and helps them create memories that will last a lifetime.

Starling is currently charting high on the Billboard Dance charts for the first time since "Catch Me (I'm Falling)" brought Pretty Poison international notoriety. "Think About U," the 2nd single from the flame-tressed diva's new critically acclaimed debut solo album, CAPTIVE (Subpoena/Universal), has cracked the Top 15 on the Billboard Dance chart, the highest position she has experienced on that chart since her No. 1 Dance hit, "When I Look Into Your Eyes," from Pretty Poison's platinum Catch Me, I'm Falling album.

'HAVE A CATCH FOR BARB' was created by Starling's friend, music industry executive Eric Shipon, who lost his wife, Barb, to breast cancer, leaving him the sole parent of his two teenage daughters, Lexi and Billie. Their story of bonding together to turn their tragedy into positives for countless others in similar situations across the country genuinely resonated with Starling.

“I am deeply touched by what Eric and his daughters are doing,” says Starling. “I have friends and family in similar situations, and I just feel that HAVE A CATCH FOR BARB and ‘Catch Me (I’m Falling)’ seemed destined to work together.  I’m extremely honored to be a part of it.”


Starling lost a dear friend last year to cancer. The double irony was that it happened at the same time as Barb’s passing. And the wife of Starling’s friend also was named Barb.


Shipon describes HAVE A CATCH FOR BARB as “a combination of Alex’s Lemonade meets National Night Out, and ultimately envisions Starling “carrying the ball” in the fight against cancer by overseeing a coast-to-coast cross-country “catch,” in the spirit of the human chain that symbolized “Hands Across America.” Another goal is for families to go outside on a specific date, at a specific time, for five to 10 minutes, and “Have a Catch,” symbolically “tossing cancer aside.” At any juncture, “Catch Me (I’m Falling)” can provide the soundtrack.

When Jade Starling joins me in studio tonight for 'Jersey's Opening Lines,' she'll be bringing gift baskets for all of the prize winners!

Watch Jade Starling's video for 'Think About U' above!