Maybe your mind’s made up as to whom your vote goes and watching the Presidential Debate is sort of anti-climatic.

Or maybe you feel that since the President didn’t exactly “wow” them in Denver, you may want to see if he brings his “A” game to Hofstra tomorrow night when he takes on Governor Mitt Romney in round 2 of the Presidential Debates. After all, it is the stuff of high political drama.

Some would like to see if Obama has the right stuff to be the “comeback kid” in tomorrow’s debate.

Flikr user 2Eklectik

But, this could be a tough spot if you’re a Yankee fan. Down 2 games to the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS, no Captain in the lineup…you may want to see if these guys are “comeback kids” themselves…especially after being on the receiving end of a bad call in last night’s game; besides having lost the Captain.

So what gets your vote tomorrow night?

Watch the game, DVR the debate? (Choices are below!)

Nationally about 67 million people caught the first debate between the 2 candidates; so I'd imagine there would be a comparable number watching round 2.

But there is that Yankee factor to consider.

And, by the way, if you are watching the debate, just like the first time, are you watching just to reassure yourself that you’re voting for the right guy, or are you really, at this point, still on the fence?

Hard for me to believe that at this juncture anyone is still deliberating who the better of the two is.

So which gets your vote tomorrow night?