With the second presidential debate in the books, political attack ads are bombarding the airwaves. New Jersey voters say its wearing on them.

David Greedy, Getty Images

The advertisements cover everything from jobs and education to trust and reliability. They are on night and day, and are blasting voters from every angle - television, radio and in mailers.

"I found them really negative this year, I do notice them," said Kyle, a freshman on the campus of William Paterson University.

"I think a lot of people have made up their minds already, but all these attack ads are really ridiculous," said Megan from Midland Park.

"I think the candidates should stop attacking each other and use the air time to promote themselves," said Dan from Wayne.

With three weeks to go before its all over, the campaign ads don't seem to be swaying voters either way. Many students said they remain undecided voters.

"I haven't decided yet...I really wanted to hear more about the issues and less of this back and forth," said another student.

"I am still undecided...I need to look into more about who these two men are," said a senior on her way to class.

The clock is ticking. Election Day is November 6th.