One of the things that is very positive about our new President is his continued tweeting.  Yup, I find this to be informative, engaging and empowering to average Americans who don't have to have the words of the POTUS filtered through media outlets.

Today's early tweet was about the President meeting with the big auto executives to discuss how to build America's manufacturing base.

  I immediately thought of the positive opportunity to bring auto manufacturing back to New Jersey,  many people don't realize that the last Ford plant in New Jersey only closed in 2004. 

There's an opportunity here to take advantage of the President's drive to rebuild American manufacturing.  The right balance of protection policies to discourage companies from leaving and incentivize them to come home could be the formula for success.

Of course, this is New Jersey.  So that means that unless New Jersey politicians decide to reduce taxes and regulation we will surely lose out to more competitive states.  Where's our Governor in this discussion?  He should be on the phone with the President and presenting a plan to the legislature to move the ball forward.  We can certainly make New Jersey great again.