The U.S. Postal Service is planning significant cutbacks at mail processing plants across the country – to save an estimated 3 billion dollars and prevent a plunge into bankruptcy.

The decrease in personnel will slow down first class mail service – something most Jersey residents aren’t happy about. 

“That’s definitely going to be more cost to us – right?” said one Middlesex County resident, “and closing it down is not going to help in any way.” 

Another passerby said “the Post Office is going to be over 5-10 years…I think the whole thing is just ridiculous – the service right now isn’t that great – it takes a while for local mail to get through.” 

A man standing nearby said “I think I will just continue to use- for the most part I do everything online…I don’t understand it- they shouldn’t do that to the post office- it’s too important…It’s kind of disappointing because we always expect the mail to be prompt and on time…this is going to be detrimental to receiving your checks, or whatever you are getting.” 

One man just grinned and said “this is normal for the American way – less service, more money – what do you expect - especially with the government we have now?” 

A woman standing nearby piped up “we usually use email – we hardly mail anything- you receive mail –which is like bills usually – other than that it’s like when you get a ticket – that’s when you get something in the mail…we already have difficulty with mail – like last week I haven’t received a check because the mail lost my mail - so now not only are they losing my mail but I’m going to have to have to pay more for it? I prefer that everything be just through email-where I can instantly check on my phone- check on the computer.”