Jim was discussing ways the state could raise money for the transportation fund when he cited an article that touched on a nerve of what seems to be many Hybrid drivers, by bringing up the thought of taxing hybrid, electric or alternative fuel vehicle owners more money.

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

One of the ideas raised to fund transportation projects would be to tax NJ drivers who own a hybrid, electric or other type of alternative fueled car. State Assembly Speaker Vinny Prieto mentioned coming up with a plan to pull more money in from the owners of those types of vehicles because they are not paying for road maintenance.

But isn't that the entire point to buying one of these vehicles? As Jim noted, to tax someone on a vehicle meant to serve the environment better by using less fuel, is unfathomable. It seems like this would just be another way NJ proves it can't help itself delve into the pockets of its taxpayers.

What do you think? Is this a viable alternative option to raising the gas tax?  Or would this be just another money grab by the state?

Let's us hear your opinion below.