You know Christmas is nearing when you see SUVs driving up and down New Jersey’s back roads with Christmas trees on top - wrapped in plastic netting.

For some, it’s a family tradition – and what makes it all the more special is when you get to pick out your tree, and actually cut it down.

I wouldn’t know, since I’ve had the same tree for the past 10 years.

And for me, while I miss out on the sojourn to seek out my own tree, all I need to do is schlep the tree up from the basement, hook the branches into the corresponding colored holes, unfold the branches, hang the lights, make sure the angel is straight – and let my wife do the rest.

Within a couple of hours we’re done!

Now I know that probably takes some of the romance out of it – but a good many of you probably don’t have the time for the annual trip to the farm.

Or want to bother dealing with the upkeep. You know, making sure it’s watered properly so it doesn’t dry out.

One of these years perhaps – but for now I’ll hold onto old faithful!
Still looks as good as the day we took it out of the box!

(I know - not romantic enough. No visions of hot chocolate once we get the tree home - no scent of evergreen filling the house.)

However if you do prefer a real tree and would like to do the cutting yourself, you can check this out for a farm near you.

Do you prefer a real or fake Christmas tree?