There’ve been movies about the Four Seasons, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles – an endless array of music luminaries.

One that’s now being considered has Brad Pitt playing “The Boss,” Bruce Springsteen.

The two have already spoken about the project, and the Boss, after having turned down numerous offers, now feels it’s time to have his story told.

And, in his mind, who better than Pitt, with whom he shares a passion for a good many humanitarian causes.

According to a source:

“Brad respects all the causes [Bruce] represents,” said the source. “Bruce was there for the people of New York, holding a concert after 9/11 to raise money for the victims, and he always advocates for working people.”

But does Pitt, who’s 15 years younger than the Boss, fit the image?
Were there to be a movie about Jon Bon Jovi, Pitt would be better suited for that.

I’m thinking someone along the lines of a Mark Ruffalo – but then again, it’s not my movie.