You've played “Trevia” which asks the question “What ELSE do we know about New Jersey?" But have you played “Jersey’s Opening Lines?” 

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This is where Steve Trevelise gives you an opening line from a song that we play weekends on New Jersey 101.5. If you guess the song right, you will win tickets to see comedian Bobby Collins this Friday at iPlay America in Freehold, or for this Monday at the Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven. You could also win tickets to Catch A Rising Star comedy club in the Princeton Hyatt Regency, or a Dennis Malloy DVD from when we toured New Jersey together performing standup.

You can choose what decade your song will be from - the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s!

Play “Jersey’s Opening Lines” tonight at 10 with Steve Trevelise. These songs are the first thing you hear when the music comes out to play!