Play Jersey ‘Trevia” with me tonight at 10, and win tickets to see Dennis and Judi live at  the Millstone Performing Arts Center on Nov 16th or tickets to SARCASM comedy club at Tavern On The Lake in Hightstown for any Friday night.

Flickr User gmahender

“Trevia’ named after the brilliant host, [if you don’t brag about yourself, who else will ;)] is much hipper than simple trivia. The catagories are: music, movies, television, New Jersey, and even New Jersey 101.5. They all relate to New Jersey, and I do everything I can to make it as easy as possible for you to win. They’re even multiple choice!

So meet me tonight at 10 for “Jersey Trevia” on New Jersey 101.5. In fact you may want to phone a friend!