A 12 year old boy who quit his football team over wearing a pink glove in support of his mother is back on the team.

Egg Harbor City Crusaders coach Paul Burgan says he simply forgot why Julian Connerton was wearing the glove.  "They understand and I'm glad they do and Julian here he's understanding, me and him has a very good relationship," Coach Paul Burgan told WMGM TV. He added that he feels bad about the miscommunication.

Burgan apologized to Julian at his home on Tuesday.

Julian is wearing the gloves in support of his mother's battle with breast cancer. In the heat of the game Burgan told him to take the gloves off; Julian refused and quit the team.

I'm very proud of him it took a lot of courage it took a lot of bravery," said Julian's mother Mayra Connerton of her son's decision to leave the team when Burgan told him to remove the gloves during Saturday's game.

The team declared the situation resolved on its Facebook page. "The Connorton Family, Coach Paul Burgan and The Egg Harbor City Crusaders Youth Organization would like to inform everyone that the situation has been resolved. We are looking forward to Julian returning to practice tomorrow. All are looking forward to Julian representing The Crusaders as a breast cancer awareness spokesperson. All are pleased the situation has been resolved."

Listen to Coach Burgan's conversation with 97.3 ESPN's Mike Gill